Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ali is 25!

     Little sister. She's more than a sister as most sisters are. Ali and I, almost 2 years apart used to be inseparable.

People used to think we were twins. We both loved horses and pretty clothes, had huge imaginations and loved to play house. Being a mom was our ultimate dream. Especially if it included a handsome hero and horses. We were great at being inspired and joining in on each other's excitement about something. Being so close in age and so similar we were quite competitive with one another and had a pretty roller coaster love/war relationship. In high school we strove for independence and stole the other's cute clothes and makeup. I think we each admired the other in some way but still wanted to be our own person. There was a lot of yelling and blaming and bitterness.

Somehow we came out of young adulthood with a deep love and respect for each other. And it's exciting to grow up with her and start families. We both have changed so much in the last 3-4 years because of how our roles have changed in life. We are living that dream of motherhood and realizing who we really are inside. And when I think of Ali Shea, I think of strength. Passion. She has this deep well of love and forgiveness that is hard to find in people. She owns very little but feels very rich. She is a giver like my dad, an optimist like my mom and holds zero expectations on others. If you ever have met her you will most likely smile within the first 20 seconds of being with her. Her smile and humor are contagious. I have NEVER met anyone so comfortable in her own skin around complete strangers even. I am always impressed by how real she is and how irresistible it is to laugh when I'm around her. What a gift God has given you, Ali. You will change more lives than you realize by pouring out of yourself all that amazingness stuffed inside! Happy Birthday, Ali Shea.

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