Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm prettier with makeup.

I'm going to make myself a little vulnerable here on the world wide web. Now that I have a daughter, I'm facing some hard questions about myself. For instance, makeup is a topic I'm personally struggling with off and on, especially since my oldest son has asked me on more than one occasion what I was doing while applying makeup and WHY I was doing it. I had no good answer and I stumbled over my words trying to explain myself. Why do we wear it? ESPECIALLY since my husband thinks I'm more beautiful without it (which completely floored me when he expressed this before we were even married). When I ask myself this question, I find that most of my answers sound pitiful and more like excuses. For example:
  • I look prettier when I wear it.
  • My eyes look small and beady without it.
  • I look washed out without it.
  • Makeup makes me look more awake and put together. (It's literally a mask!)
  • I get more respect in the work place. (has not been solidly tested, but I tell myself this)
  • I don't want my blemishes/flaws to be distracting in conversation. I want people to see me and not my flaws. (How ridiculously backwards that sounds!)
  • Women (and sometimes men) have been wearing makeup for centuries and it's a normal, expected way of life!

Maybe it's different for you. Either way, what matters most to me is the opinion of God and my family. And neither of them are putting pressure on me to wear makeup. So who is? Our culture, peers, media, makeup companies. Why do girls think they look prettier with makeup? Because all the famous, "pretty" people do it, I suppose. And because makeup/fashion companies are selling us that idea. It frustrates me to realize that I'm so swayed by that. And it also frustrates me that men (the other half of the human race, you know) typically don't wear it to even out their skin-tone, cover dark circles, etc. They aren't lining their eyes to make them stand out and putting blush on their cheeks to look sun-kissed. So this is obviously a female issue. We consider ourselves equal in value to men, yet we tell ourselves that our physical appearance needs major improvement and their physical appearance does not. We're covering up our faces so we look different than how we really appear. Are we that hideous? Really? Who told us that? I feel pretty brainwashed when I think through this topic. I'm sure there are a ton of articles and opinions already out there, and I could take this to an unhealthy extreme. And I don't think girls are supposed to be the exact same as men. But I think this question of makeup is a good one to ask ourselves. But I also want to be careful as to not press my own revelation and discovery on this topic onto others. I do not and will not judge women for wearing makeup (I'm wearing makeup as I type this, although I left off eyeliner and blush this morning due to this inner battle I'm having.) I'm just struggling with the idea of it altogether because when Mirabelle or Oliver or Benjamin ask me about it I want to have a confident answer and I want my actions to be true to what I say is the truth.

When I think about what I desire in life it comes down to relationship. I desire a close relationship with God and honest relationships with other human beings. I want to be loved for who I really am and I want to know others for who they really are. I do love getting compliments about how I look like any girl OR guy does. But not any more than compliments on my character, intelligence and actions. Where do I get the idea that I look better with makeup versus without? What does makeup achieve for me? Have you ever confronted yourself with this question? Did you arrive at an answer for yourself? I'd appreciate honest thoughts, but let's be nice and respect one another if you do have something to share. As physical as makeup is, I think it reaches a deeper emotional place in us than we realize. Otherwise it wouldn't be so hard sometimes to go without it.

And lastly, I realize that my decisions about makeup and how I see myself will affect more than my daughter, but my two sons as well and how they see women and themselves. This is no light subject when you have a huge part in forming the worldview of other human beings.

Phew. There it is. I'm rarely one to stir up conversation or put forth opinions. Ever. I haven't even arrived at an opinion here and I'm still nervous! But thank you for listening and loving me through it. :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Mirabelle • Seven Months

Um, so in the last month our home life has changed quite a bit. Mostly because Miss Mirabelle started crawling, putting every small, chokable (is that a word?) item in her mouth, eating some solid foods and just in the last week or so she has been pulling herself to standing. Nothing is going to hold this one back. She has been doing everything earlier than the boys did, it seems. She's also quite vocal and will hardly let you forget she's there. She just seems so excited to actually have the chance to DO SOMETHING other than sit and be cute. The opportunities! The adventures! We've started leaving her in the nursery at church on Sundays and it's going really well (for now). The boys make her laugh a lot just by dancing or being their goofy selves. And they love to hold her, squeeze her, and tell her "no" when she's being dangerous. She seems to enjoy this world and doesn't want to be left out of anything. It's hard to keep up with this girl. We're pretty wiped out at the end of the day and I hold her responsible! It's amazing how much she adds to our life though. I wish I could pinpoint her personality. I keep imagining what she might be like at the age of 9, 15, 28.... What I know for sure is that she's quite easy to love and snuggle with. Can't get enough. :)