Friday, September 19, 2008

the latest

Oliver's poop REALLY stinks now. Not that sweet, yellow, smells-like-cheerios stuff anymore. Solid foods change everything.

When I point at something, he no longer looks at my finger but in the direction it's pointing. Smart kid.

His pincer skills are in full effect (this is a little late news). He can pick up Cheerios and pebbles. He even tries to pick off my moles, until he realizes they're attached.

He went to the Nursery during church for the first time last week. Although he's extremely attached to me these days, he's easily distracted and entertained by toys and other people (especially other kids).

I've stopped being bothered by the common opinion that it's bad to nurse your baby to sleep. This has worked so well for Oliver and I for a long time now, and to keep hearing people say that it will be a hard habit to break, and I should start teaching him to go to sleep on his own now was really stressing me out for awhile. But I read an article yesterday that really encouraged me. I was reassured that babies DO learn to fall asleep on their own...just in their own time, when they are ready. It's not something that has to be trained or forced. So, this is where I stand on that for now.

I pureed vegetables and fruit myself this week instead of spending money on Gerber foods, which was tempting and convenient at first. But 30 minutes of my day spent boiling vegetables and using the blender and I have Oliver-meals to last the rest of the week!

Oliver mimics everything now. He copies sounds, faces, and mostly actions. We taught him to clap last week. And he points to the pages in book like I do when I read him stories. He has also learned how fun hide-and-seek is. I run away and hide and he laughs and crawls to come find me. So smart!

And my most common predicament these days is Oliver's constant need to be by mommy (although it's very endearing at times). So he HATES it when I put him in his playpen or blocked off room so I can get something done....or go to the bathroom for goodness sakes!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Little Boy Blue

Yesterday I noticed how Oliver looks more like a little boy than ever before. He’s losing his babyness. I can’t even point out the things that make him more like a little boy now. Maybe it’s all that gorgeous sandy blonde hair coming in. Maybe it’s because he knows how to get into his own little world and play with his toys and use his imagination. Maybe it’s because he’s sounding like a little boy with all his new words. Even if those words are just “Durhd. Balaaa baa dur dur. Attah ruhcccc. Maaaaaa.” He’s communicating, and it’s adorable. A lot of people told me to enjoy him while he’s a newborn because they grow up so quickly. I did enjoy him. But today as we watched some of the videos from when he was a newborn I realized how much fun he is NOW. He’s so interactive and affectionate as opposed to helpless and inanimate. I love watching his personality unfold. He is so unique! And lately people have been telling me, “It only gets better.” And that’s a lot more encouraging than “Enjoy it while you can.”