Friday, May 22, 2009

A belated Mother's Day post

I have such a brave, affectionate, imaginitive, strange boy.

It kills me (in a good way) when he does the following:

Finds something that looks somewhat like a cell phone (remote, small alarm clock, computer mouse) and talks on it while walking around the house.

Falls down in the most awkward position, scrapes his knee, and gets back up and starts running again without even a whimper.

Shuts himself in a room and pounds on the door yelling "Dad. Daaad. DAAAD."

Puts his arms around my neck and kisses me right on the mouth. (The best Mother's Day gift ever!)

Does that little bounce and head nod when a song with a nice beat comes on.

Says "no." very seriously and clearly when he really means yes. (he hasn't learned "yes" yet so "no" is the answer for everything.

When he tries on my high heels, or carries around a purse, or puts on one of my bracelets. I can't help but crack up. I love that he wants to mimic me. And yes, he does try on Shane's shoes too...but Shane doesn't have all the fun accessories.

When he gets in trouble for disobeying mom or dad and runs up to cling to our legs repenting in tears and indistinguishable words of apology. (which is a lot different than the typical response of anger and tantrums)

All this to say I couldn't be more proud of the amazing piece of life that grew inside me and is doing his best to grow up and change the world.