Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Benjamin is 9 months!

This little booger wants to grow up. He's toothless, but already standing up on his own without holding onto anything. Yesterday he took his first step! It was just one, and we'll let you know when walking really begins. We noticed he doesn't learn for the sake of learning or reward, but progresses when he's having fun. I'm not even sure he realizes he's learning to walk. He doesn't respond as much as Oliver did to our praise and excitement. He's just having fun and doing his own thing. Confident, independent, vocal. He cries and yells for just about everything, but I don't think it's an emotional thing. He just wants you to know what he thinks. He wants to be heard and gets over it once you acknowledge his point.

We're having a lot of fun with Benjamin. He has added a whole new personality to our home. We're exhausted, but very much in love with God's gift of family.


vickie said...

He is such a pretty boy! It is great how the personalities add to the family environment. He may just take off walking soon and walk and walk and fall and fall...!

Barbara said...

I want to be like Benjamin -- just enjoying myself, not seeking praise and approval.

jessicaaahhh said...

That's a wonderful thing I can learn from him, Barb. Me too!