Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mirabelle • Six Months

Gee whiz. This is a high-speed experience, raising children. I'm turning 29 next month, have 3 kids now, and my youngest is 6 months although it feels like I just came home from the hospital last month. Mirabelle is mystically growing like a pan of bread dough rising on the countertop. She's just going with it though and so are we. The world seems to be a natural and altogether good experience for Mirabelle. I'm so thankful for her easy temperament and good health. I'm also thankful that Oliver and Benjamin seem to not feel threatened at all, and daily embrace Mirabelle as an extension and vital component of their life. What I love most about my life right now goes beyond "my family." I love that we are so finely knit together that we are one unit and cannot function very independently from each other. I find it very hard to view them apart from myself to see how a stranger might see them. Each child feels like a limb on my body. Shane feels like my Siamese twin (I understand that "better half" phrase now). Sometimes I wish I could just remove myself for a bit only for that chance to look from the outside and appreciate it as a beautiful piece of art. That's what it really is. God's masterpiece for our life. It's a daily challenge to view my surroundings objectively and always with a thankful heart. I'm just surviving most days and functioning in default mode. It can get pretty chaotic and there isn't much organization to our household, honestly. But thankfully we do have simple routine. We have God as our center for decisions, If we can pinpoint our constants, than the variables are less likely to throw us all off.

By the way, Mirabelle is crawling now. I'm pretty sure the boys didn't crawl until 7 months. She's a go-getter. She's babbling, drooling and eating occasional solid foods. Isn't it amazing that my milk is enough to sustain that ball of dough?! No wonder I'm down to my high school weight (Don't hate. I'm feeble and without muscle other than my right arm that holds a baby on my hip.).

If you haven't already discovered Shane's blog, you will most likely find it a gazillion times more entertaining than mine. He's so creative and gives a glimpse into life as a stay-at-home dad. I'm more of a milestones blogger these days. :) You can follow me on Pinterest or Instagram to see more daily happenings and interests.