Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A birthday in status updates.

Oliver wakes us up exactly 5 seconds before my alarm goes off saying “a meet-meal?” (he wants oatmeal)
I make Oliver oats with frozen blueberries.
Shane runs to the store for milk and then calls me, “Will you start throwing together ingredients for crepes?”
Of course!
Oliver needs to pee.
Shane gets home and finishes making me crepes with hot blackberry filling. YUM.
Oliver wants to snuggle in our bed, so of course I’m going to make time for that. We all climb in and Shane sings me “Happy Birthday” hoping Oliver will join in. But he just smiles. And then blows on me at the end of the song as if I were a cake of 26 candles.
Between phone calls from family and finishing my hair and makeup I finally get out the door for work.
The car radio decided to play an Avett Brothers song making it a PERFECT drive to work (with almost all green lights!).
All I can think about the whole morning is my sister, Olivia, and how much I want to celebrate our birthday with her.
I recall one of our most memorable backyard birthday parties with lots of lights hung in the trees.
She got electrocuted because of a stupid staple in one of the cords.
She survived. It was a great party.
I’m greeted at work by a hug and “Happy Birthday” from Shelly, our receptionist, and colorful streamers hanging from my office door.
I open my email with TONS of Facebook notifications of happy greetings and take too much time reading them and smiling.
Dad calls singing to me in the most ridiculous way possible. Apparently not caring if his whole office hears how ridiculously he loves his daughter. (It wouldn't be a birthday without my dad singing obnoxiously at least once.)
Thanks to the streamers I get a lot of interruptions and random singing throughout the day (a total of 7 times the whole day).
I walk into the cafeteria as people are singing happy birthday to someone else (Sean) – how funny!
Barb is sure to tell them it’s my birthday too so everyone else turns to sing me happy birthday too.
Halfway through lunch Sean brings me his balloons and shares 2 huge pieces of chocolate cake with me.
Shane calls me at work to tell me I got a birthday package and card in the mail from my parents.
He wants to know if he can open it. The answer is NO. Only a Morgan would ask such a question.
It’s make-up day at work (which means nothing to anyone but the ladies in our front office). And I get first pick!
A pink rose.
Lemon tart.
More birthday greetings.
Am I ever going to get anything done today?
Shane calls again and tells me he was going to make me something tasty but realized we had only one egg.
So I need to pick up some eggs on my way home.
Listening to my Avett Brothers Pandora station helps me be more productive.
My mom sings a lot like June Carter Cash. Does she know that? Especially when I hear June and Johnny sing “Jackson”.
Should I call her and tell her?
No, get back to work.
It’s my boss’ wife’s birthday today.
It’s Eddie’s wife’s birthday today.
Volunteer Lynn’s niece was born this a.m.!
I call mom to tell her she sings like June Carter Cash.
Finally finish a couple projects at work.
Stop at the PO Box to check for birthday cards. Yay! One from my in-laws!
Shane tells me to not worry about picking up eggs.
Greeted at home with a little boy holding out his hand with a pretty rose…
…only to have him drop the rose in excitement to see balloons in the back of my car.
We make a delicious grilled chicken fettuccini alfredo meal with grilled Mexican squash.
Oliver is entertained the whole evening with the 9 balloons now scattered all over our house.
Have great, happy phone conversations with both my sisters.
I finish the day eating cherry chocolate chunk ice cream in a hot bath.
Happy 26 years to me and 29 to my sister, Olivia.

[My birthday balloons that were actually Sean's birthday balloons but are now Oliver's balloons]

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First place for the first time.

Our UGM newsletter won First Place for printed newsletter and Best in Show for this year’s annual Media Awards for the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions. We beat some of the largest rescue missions in the country who often hire outside firms for their publications and can afford full color. I just hope our newsletter can offer as much competition next year after redesigning its look to match our new brand!

 Here is what the AGRM website had to say about the contest:
"AGRM Media Innovation Competition was launched to recognize rescue missions who were making valuable progress in innovating print and online offerings. Call for entries attracted hundreds of submissions from rescue missions across the country in every budget size. AGRM awarded three Best in Show winners, as well as Award of Excellence, Award of Merit and Honorable Mention prizes for each category at the 2010 AGRM Conference in St. Charles, Illinois May 9-12.  Congratulations to this years Media Innovation Competition award winners!"

The winner (a 6 page, 2-color newsletter with a response card and envelope to match):

Our new look for Mission News:

If you want to see an online archive of our newsletters and read what is current go here.

In other great news, our website got third place and we got second place for our Sucess Story.