Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shane just called me and told me his mom was coming over tonight to stay...maybe for a couple days? I said okay cool, thanks for telling me, I'm busy, gotta go. Then as I hurried to my next task I realized I felt very light-hearted and my mood was instantly better than 2 minutes prior. I was momentarily confused until I realized that I was genuinely excited to see my mother-in-law. WOW, that's a cool realization actually seeing that a lot of women have relationship struggles with their mother-in-law. I'm not saying it's any easy relationship to build for me. But I am SO thankful that I can look forward to seeing her and I don't stress about the way my house looks or how I should act or what food I should have in the fridge. And as I write this I realize how similarly I am thankful for the peace and rest I have with my parents (see my previous post). But it is definitely unexpected to have that with Shane's mother, Karen.

Things I love about Karen:

She is uninhibited about her love for horses and spends HOURS looking at them online.
She fights for what she believes, but allows room for others to speak their hearts.
She almost always insists on buying ice cream or cake or brownies when she visits.
She loves to stock our fridge even when she's as financially tight as we are.
Um, she bought us plane tickets to Indonesia. Not a tiny thing.
She respects our rules and guidelines for raising Oliver.
She completely desires more than anything for her kids to experience life to the fullest and will sacrifice all in order that they do.
Whatever it is....she takes it like a man.

I could go on about this. But I'm just happy that I get to see her today and watch her enjoy Oliver...because I know that's her main reason for visiting and she'll want some special time with him. And since I'm leaving tomorrow for a 2 day Staff Retreat with my work (my first night away from Oliver I believe!) then I'm sure she'll have plenty of special time.

Love ya Mom #2!

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Steph Smith said...

I love to see your more frequent blogs but stop saying "takes it like a man," silly woman!