Saturday, August 22, 2009

anxious to share with you

I'm in full blown preparation for the first visit from my parents in the Northwest. They should be here by Tuesday, hopefully morning. I really can't describe how excited and anxious I am. I've never had my parents stay the night in MY house. I've never even cooked them a meal! This is their first witness of my role as mother and wife on my own turf. I am so thankful to have laid back parents who rarely have any expectations and take life as it comes. My mother was an excellent stay-at-home mom and kept up with house very well. So I should be nervous about the upkeep of my stuffed-with-messy-boys house. Because I really want my parents to be pleased with where I'm at in life. And if they were any other way I would be nervous. But I know that all they'll see when they walk in the door is their 20-month-old grandson.

Speaking of Oliver...a good way of describing what he's like these days: Where I am, there will he be also. At least when I'm not at work. Whether I'm doing laundry, on the computer, doing pilates, unloading the dishwasher, watching a movie or taking the trash out...he somehow wiggles his way right in the middle of it all. I love and sometimes not-so-love his complete attachment to me. So, all the housecleaning before Tuesday better start now if I ever hope to accomplish it. Which is why I'm online uploading photos to Facebook, listening to Pandora, and browsing friends. I mean, who actually starts cleaning 3 days before company? Really.

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Steph Smith said...

Geez, he's old! I better get there fast.