Thursday, January 1, 2009


Started my new full-time job at Union Gospel Mission this week. (and LOVING it)

Shane is a new full-time Dad.

Looking to buy a house for Shane to remodel. (currently staying with friends)

Celebrated Oliver's first birthday on Christmas Eve.

Celebrated Christmas with Shane's family and made my first homemade clam chowder.

Enduring Spokane's record snowfall. (Over 60 inches in December!)

Weaning Oliver. (only nursing at night now)

Trying to pretend I don't mind the whiney stage Oliver is going through. (is it a stage...?)

Feeling like time is completely flying right now and I can't possibly keep track of anything.

Totally did not celebrate the New Year...seemed boring this year. (fell asleep at 11:45, woke up at midnight to the neighbors' fireworks, gave Shane a kiss and fell back asleep.)

Kicking myself every day I forget to send out our Christmas cards. (yeah, I still haven't mailed them...they're stamped and in my purse and I keep forgetting they're there!)

Happy New Year. I still love you all even though I'm too busy right now to talk much to anyone.

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