Friday, September 12, 2008

Little Boy Blue

Yesterday I noticed how Oliver looks more like a little boy than ever before. He’s losing his babyness. I can’t even point out the things that make him more like a little boy now. Maybe it’s all that gorgeous sandy blonde hair coming in. Maybe it’s because he knows how to get into his own little world and play with his toys and use his imagination. Maybe it’s because he’s sounding like a little boy with all his new words. Even if those words are just “Durhd. Balaaa baa dur dur. Attah ruhcccc. Maaaaaa.” He’s communicating, and it’s adorable. A lot of people told me to enjoy him while he’s a newborn because they grow up so quickly. I did enjoy him. But today as we watched some of the videos from when he was a newborn I realized how much fun he is NOW. He’s so interactive and affectionate as opposed to helpless and inanimate. I love watching his personality unfold. He is so unique! And lately people have been telling me, “It only gets better.” And that’s a lot more encouraging than “Enjoy it while you can.”

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Steph Smith said...

I love when little kids start talking. Infant - 3 is such a cute age. Heck, 3 is cute, too!

(By the way, I'm still in the middle of replying to your email. It's saved as a draft.)