Tuesday, August 19, 2008

a short break from teething


I've realized how difficult teething really is. I never thought I would ever not want to pick my baby up. But he is constantly wanting to be held and it's driving me crazy. (P.S. Don't use Tea Tree Oil on gums. It made Oliver puke. Nasty stuff.)

I had a dream that I visited my friend Stephanie in New York. I woke up thinking that might be a good idea one of these days. But then I realized I'd have to take Oliver with me. Which makes any vacation a completely different story. It could be fun strolling through NY, right? A little different than our wilderness back yard. Speaking of vacations...we booked tickets for Illinois in October. Very excited to introduce the family to little Oli. Whoa...I never call him Oli. Sometimes I say Ol. Which is even weirder. I should stick with Oliver.

Oliver is pulling himself to a standing position now. Amazing.

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Ruth said...

I love it! What a title for your blog! :) Probably pretty accurate of young motherhood, huh? How did you find my blog?