Friday, January 31, 2014

Discipline of Thanks • Round 3

Finished the month of January with my list of gratitude. Not sure yet if I'll continue next month on the blog in the same manner, but I want to keep practicing this discipline daily. Each day is worth the time to reflect and learn from.

JAN24 - 3 Things Blue
  • Oliver's eyes
  • Benjamin's winter coat
  • Mirabelle's leggings
JAN25 - A Grace borrowed, Found, Inherited
  • Borrowed: Three of the longest hugs from Benjamin I’ve ever had all within the same hour. He said, “Can we do this all day long?” YES. I think we both needed it.
  • Found: More eggs in the coop. Always a pleasure!
  • Inherited: My mother's delight in simple things.
JAN26 - A Gift Before Dawn, At Noon, At Dark
  • Before Dawn: Mirabelle is officially weaned from night-time feedings and we made it through 5 really tough nights. Thank you, God, for sleep again!
  • At Noon: Leftovers that helped us get past the post-church, pre-lunch grumps. Ha.
  • After Dark: Study of Colossians, prayer and feasting with our small group across the street. This is real church.
JAN27 - 3 Gifts in the Kitchen
  • My husband, who spends so much time designing and preparing meals. I am SO THANKFUL I don’t have to worry much about this aspect of home life.
  • Amanda, who is constantly washing our dishes when she visits. I’ve learned to not object. :)
  • Our trusty, retro high-chair that all three of my children have used.
JAN28 - 3 Graces Found in Friends
  • A discussion with Danielle that helped me look hard at my strengths and see how they can also be weaknesses. 
  • Barb, who knows how I function, let's me hash out ideas and confusion alike with her and meets me where I’m at. Her friendship and our work relationship means a lot to me.
  • A husband, who models true friendship to me. It's centered on truth and allows grace to flow through all the cracks.
JAN29- A Song Heard, A Soft Word, Light Seen
JAN30- 3 Old Things Seen New
  • Watched videos of when Benjamin was still a baby toddling around and Oliver was only 3. Opened my eyes again to their sweet child natures when I tend to view them as big kids in comparison to Mirabelle. They are still so small and not much different than just a couple years ago. I hope I can still see that when they’re full-grown boys.
  • Our home. I love that snow makes every detail stand out and paints a lovely landscape to refresh your perspective.
  • My parents. Seeing this photo of them as a newly-engaged couple and Dad in the military reminds me of where they’ve come from - how they are still those same people, and yet different as well because of their life journey.
JAN31- A Gift on a Paper, In a Person, In a Picture
  • On a Paper: Jay, one of the guys in LIFE Recovery at UGM, celebrated getting his GED today! A piece of paper can go a long way in our society. Proud of these men making an effort to get back on their feet and face their past mistakes and wounds. It’s inspiring and it’s why I spend 40 hours a week in an office.
  • In a Person: Our sweet volunteer Jerry, who we haven’t seen in awhile due to age and health. Glad to give him a hug today and welcome him back.
  • In a Picture: This picture I took of Ashley, a young lady who has overcome quite a bit and is leaning on her God and pressing into relationship with the father who abandoned her. Read her testimony on UGM’s blog posted today.

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Barbara said...

Enjoyed this SO MUCH, Jess. Almost motivated to do it myself. Almost.