Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mirabelle • Three months

I love this picture Shane took because her blue eyes stand out. But I couldn't decide which one of these is better...

We're full swing back into our routine except with an extra child on our hands. It's going really well considering. I'm very much enjoying my time at work and at home. Each brings a greater appreciation for the other. Life seems well balanced for the time being. The only things that have held me back this month are a kidney stone (Yeah, it's pretty close to the pain of childbirth…minus the pushing.) and giving up coffee, morning cartoons and eating out for Lent. All those who love me think I'm nuts. Why make things so hard on yourself? It's edifying and revealing though. Just believe me. If anything it's a way of arriving at a place of simplicity and purity while preparing inwardly for Easter.

Shane's helping our friends move out of their house today before they leave for Tanzania for three long years. One thing we can never forget is that life doesn't stop changing and God never stops moving. Let's be thankful.

P.S. Take a look at these amazing faces! These gifts from God.

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