Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Saturday At It's Best

I had a weekend alone with Oliver and Benjamin because Shane went hunting.

It was entirely what I needed. I played "stay-at-home mom" and did everything I wanted to do with my kids. Here are some moments from our Saturday together.

We started the morning watching Mr. Rogers. It was Oliver's first time seeing the show and he really loved it; probably even more than I did as a kid. The rest of the weekend he wanted to wear button or zip-up shirts like Mr. Rogers, and wear shoes with laces. :)
Mister Rogers

I had time to just do simple household chores that normally feel like a burden on a weeknight. I enjoy doing laundry. Especially when I don't have to. But who takes a picture of their laundry? I do.

Our next activity was taking a trip to the neighborhood library! Sounds normal, but I haven't been to the library in a couple of years. It was exciting to browse with my little boys and pick out a pile of goodies. Being the first time to the library with both Oliver and Benjamin, it was fun to watch how they both enjoyed it differently. Oliver quietly wandered around the aisles picking out books and putting them back, and helped me carry the load when it got too heavy. Benjamin thought the library was a maze or playground and he ran up and down aisles pulling everything off shelves squealing loudly when he saw I was chasing him.
Oliver at the Library

I took this photo in the library parking lot through my rainy windshield. I am just struck by the vibrant colors of fall right now. I feel like my eyes are huge just taking in the beauty of it.
autumn leaves

From the library we went to the Rosauers/Huckleberry's store near our house. I let Oliver ride in the car cart and just slowly walked around giving myself time to remember all the things I always forget to buy. Light bulbs, baby snacks, tissues, tupperware. Then we ate some macaroni and cheese at the cafe in the store and called that lunch before heading home. (I took a photo on my phone but can't get it to upload for some lame reason. I know the's a lame phone.)

While Benjamin took a nap, I seized the opportunity to roast a pound of Yemen coffee beans. I bet you've never tried Yemen coffee before! :) When they reach the desired level of roasting I have to run outside with the colander of beans to let them cool because a) the smoke is so intense and b) the chaff from the beans gets everywhere.
Coffee Cooling

Oliver Peeks

Dinosaur Book

After Benjamin woke up we played with sticks in the yard and played in the hammock. The boys would laugh when a big gust of wind would throw leaves all over us. I was having too much fun to take any pictures.

I made this for dinner. I thought it was pretty tasty, but the boys didn't think so. C'mon, kids!
Bean burritos

After dinner Oliver asked if we could go to the bookstore. Hastings is only 4 blocks away, and I wasn't worn out yet, so I agreed. I let them run around and play with the toys. Oliver brought his own leftover birthday money so he could buy something small. He picked these out.
T-Rex and Raccoon
The T-Rex is for himself, and the raccoon he bought for Benjamin.

When evening came we read all of our library books.
Library Books

Little Bug

Oliver stayed up late with me to watch the 2nd Harry Potter movie then fell asleep on the sofa chair. Carrying him to bed was the perfect way to end my day. I think we'd all agree that a sleeping child is a taste of true peace.

It was like a vacation day for me. I've been needing that kind of Saturday for a long time.

And I took a picture of myself to prove I was really there. Ha. Ha.
Fall Sweater


Steph Smith said...

He bought his little brother a present. Siiigh. I love good, sweet kids.

Beth said...

That sounds blissful! Love you and your sweet little (but getting so big!!) boys:-)

Barbara said...

Jess - love this. Actually, reading it at 10 a.m. on a Thursday morning because I'm staying home to rest is a pretty good start to my day. Also have some French press coffee, so couldn't get much better. LOVED that Oliver wanted to wear zip up sweaters and shoes that have to be tied after watching Mister Rogers. Perfect. Perfect Saturday. So glad you had it.

lindsey brooke said...

cute-cute-cute :)