Thursday, August 25, 2011

Coffee Cata-List

A list spurred by thankfulness.
  1. Mary Beth. For spontaneously buying me a bag of Thomas Hammer coffee beans. Local. Freshly roasted. Deelish. You inspired this blog (hence the awesome title to this post).
  2. Northwest weather. I was made for it.
  3. Sons that love waking up and are all smiles in the morning. We need that in our family.
  4. Friendships that, in their own way, withstand time and distance. Particularly thinking of my high school clan: Stephanie, Lindsay and Norman. Miss you girls.
  5. The nearness of fall.
  6.   .....Always satisfying.
  7. The huge, awkward grocery cart with the plastic car attached to the front. Oliver's joy makes it worth it. And it's nice passing another parent who sacrificed their dignity for the same cause, I don't feel so ridiculous.
  8. Skype. Making it so you don't seem so far way.
  9. BBQ sandwich and blackberries to get me through the afternoon. I love the kitchen staff where I work. They're alway surprising us with food when we most need it. One thing this place is good at is hospitality.


Jenny Mertes said...

You sound like a "live in the moment, smell the roses" kind of girl. Great attitude! I'm enjoying your writing, you certainly are multi-talented.

Ruth said...

I'm inspired!! We love you all SO much.

Mary Beth said...

Thanks for the special thank you, Jessica! You are such a treat for us (me) at the UGM. I'm so glad you came to mind while standing in T Hammer's Post Falls place. You make me smile.