Monday, March 14, 2011

Benjamin - 6 months

I have a 6 month old. Half a year old, Benjamin! He's a chunky little boy with plenty of personality to share. I'm so glad he's a whole different kind of person than Oliver. It makes it interesting to do this whole baby thing again but have completely different results. I love Oliver's shy, quiet, observant and calm way. He's like a pleasant bowl of warm soup on a chilly day. Benjamin is a little more spicey. He's like a flavorful grilled shish kabob. Funny way to talk about my children I suppose. Hehe. Benjamin is our little extrovert and fully engages with people, books, artwork, photographs, the outdoors, toys, you name it. It's very energizing to say the least. And sometimes quite exhausting.

New tricks:

  • He's sitting up on his own now. Sort of. It's dangerous to leave him on his own because when he does fall over he can't catch himself. Ouch.
  • He says Dadadadadadadada a lot and is learning lots of new vowels and consonants.
  • He grabs for the bottle and freaks out in desperation when he sees one.
  • He's not that interested in eating solids right now (except for a juicy plum Oliver decided to share with him the other day). But he's gaining plenty of rolls with just breast milk. He does watch us eat and drink with intense interest.
  • He's scooting around a bit on his tummy.
  • He is finally starting to show an interest in walking. When you hold his hands he takes steps. Oliver did that from about 3 months old but Benjamin is just now starting to try it.
  • He sticks out his unusually long tongue. All. The. Time.

What a boy. He's so hilarious. We love you, Benjamin. 


Ali Shea said...

Oh what a hansom little boy! His glow on his face and smiles are wonderful..he just looks like a lot of fun!! I cannot wait to meet him! He sounds so much like Corbin when he was a energy energy...non stop and into everything! Love him so much! happy half year cuddle bug!

Barbara said...

Jess, I love the tongue pics! How did you do that cool technique with all the pics in a row? I am going to try to describe all my kids in terms of food now. :)

lindsey brooke said...

little cutie :)