Monday, November 22, 2010

I needed this.

I needed days of inspiration and relaxation. I've needed it for months.

I took some pictures today of my pieces of inspiration. And Oliver and Benjamin were such good boys that I actually had time to be inspired and chill. Here's to hoping for more days like these, especially before I return to work in two weeks. Cheers!

Woke up to this. All kinds of inspirational flurries!

Coffee. Today with Peppermint Mocha creamer.

These guys. Always inspiring. And stinkin' cute.

Played my Sufjan Stevens (Holiday) Radio all day.

New iMac + CS5 = holy moly i'm excited

Ginger thinspiration! (i can't help myself)

Learning to crochet. Easier than knitting.

My favorite winter accessories. Wore them to the dentist today.

Thanks, Mary, for letting me dive into your books. So far, so fun.

Sleep in any form yields a harvest of inspiration.

Oh my goodness, I can't hardly breathe. Benjamiiiiiin!


Steph Smith said...

Favorite blog post ever. You reminded me that it's time for Sufjan Stevens (holiday), but more importantly, Benjamin has an outfit with bear ears! Babies in bear suits is one of my favorite things about winter. Thanks for sharing your life!

Beth said...

I am absolutely dying to see you and your sweet family! Can't wait!!

lindsey brooke said...

look at that little man... so grown up already!