Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Batik in the Suite!

I've been meaning to post these pictures of the SECOND batik added to the walls of the office. My office-roomie, Barb, just purchased this original called "A Father's Blessing". I am so happy that we are adding such beautiful color to our room that needs that constant creative stimulation to keep us producing quality work. Our creative suite is turning into a cultural display of art!

Our next goal is painting the wall behind this batik a dark coffee brown (because the higher-ups weren't a big fan of red).
If you haven't seen the batik on the wall above my desk go here.


Barbara said...

I wanted to hit the "thumbs up" button. Here's to creativity.

jessicaaahhh said...

Haha, yes the thumbs up button should be used web-wide.

Steph Smith said...


jessicaaahhh said...

OUR THOUGHTS EXACTLY! I think some folks are scared of bold, beautiful and bright. Plus we'd be the only office in the building that isn't painted tan/brown. But I think since we are the creative suite we have good reason to be different and...um...creative.