Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snippets of Christmas

Here are a few unique elements from our Christmas day. (Click here to see the rest of the photos)


Barbara said...

Jess, here's my questions/comments:
1) What are the coconut balls? They look yummy.
2) How is the Matcha tea?
3) Did you have to eat the seafood treats in the can?
4) What did Oliver think of the whole event? Did he get a present that he liked? or was he equally enamored of the paper and boxes?
5) I love your ornaments, especially the tractor. Was that Shane's when he was little?
6) Did you make the stockings? I love the "S" on Shane's.

Barbara said...

Oh, and good job on stringing those cranberries.

jessicaaahhh said...

I love your questions. :)

1) They're date cookies that Shane's mom brought over (makes them every year).

2) The Matcha tea is prettu good with some millk. Not amazing. My hopes were set too high thanks to Starbucks.

3) I LOVE eating the seafood treats in the can.

4) Oliver had fun tearing the wrapping paper in shreds. I think he loves his Mr. Potato Head the most. His Elmo slippers second. It was so fun watching him have fun.

5) The tractor ornament was given to Shane by his Mom and Dad two Christmases ago in honor of his conquering of the old WWII tractor on the ranch in Idaho (it was in pretty bad shape, but he got it to run and spread manure in the pastures).

6) SHANE made the stockings! Our first year of marriage he bought himself a sewing machine and taught himself how to use it. That year he made us stockings with our initials and made Christmas presents for everyone.